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Sunday, April 4, 2010

SNSD Personality Profiles

Name: Kim Taeyeon!
Leader *Main Singer*
The childish leader. She is playful and has great youth looks!
She has pretty looks and when she is serious, like in Genie or Run Devil Run, She is really focused. Great leader.

Name: Jessica Jung *SICA*
2nd Main singer!
Our little Sica, look at the picture! Isn't it obvious! Cute and sweet. She is like, um, Taeyeon almost but with a little lower level. She is also a pervert. Ahahaha! PervSica!
Her youth is stong and she has a high level of girly! A whole big level! Aha!

Name: Seohyun Joohyun
3rd Main Singer!
Look at her! If you are a SNSD fan then you should know that she is the maknae of the group. If you didn't know then you must be new or you just did not know. She goes to Daeyoung High School.... Great huh!?
We all love our maknae! If you are reading this then please comment if you are a maknae to them or a unnie or oppa! Seohyun hwaiting for you!

Name: Tiffany Hwang (Birth name: Stephanie Hwang!)
4th main singer!
Our fany fany Tiffany! The one who always get DBSK! She shouts to our oppas hi and she shouts to you hello! She is the baby face but behind Yoona! She does music core with my unnie Yuri Kwon! Thats about all I think about my Fany Fany~

Name: Sunny Sun Kyu
5th main singer.
She has been in the movie Story of wine! Haven't seen it but it looks good. I love her looks and how she at her! She is the baby girl in there. Her cute looks and acts! Thats all I have to say!

Name: Kim Hyoyeon
Main dancer!
Kim Hyoyeon! Our dancing queen! She has the beauty! Antis know her as the beast instead! Antis are just jealous. Anyways! She knows chinese too! She looks like the tough athletic one! She dances hard and performs perfectly. Unless she does a mistake.

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  1. Hehehee xDD I'm a maknae to them^^